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BUILD the Oxford Animal Lab!

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Right kids. I'm sick of there being constant protests by Animal Rights numpties without the sensible, right-minded majority of people who support the lab and scientifi progress being able to voice their disagreement in an organise manner

Therefore, I suggest that we hold a peaceful COUNTER PROTEST the next time SPEAK have something going on in Oxford. They hold their demonstrations on the final Saturday of every month, so wouldn't it be fantastic if we could tag along, too?

Seeing as 84% of Oxford students support the lab (according to the recent Cherwell poll), and I'm sure plenty of Oxford locals do too, it would be great to see some of your voices alongside me in February.

I'm envisioning us turning up with posters/banners and plenty of scientific evidence to debunk their arguments, catchy slogans, and a bit of patience to withstand the inevitable whinging the "other side" will come out with.

The more of us, the better!

I'm also thinking it might be nice to meet up in a pub beforehand to make some signs over a few drinks and discuss opinions on scientific research, etc.

LJ user sqrrl01 has also started up a pro scientific testing group (brilliantly) named Pro-Test, it is in its early stages but should have a website very soon!

Please leave a comment so I can keep you informed if you want further information, or have any ideas, or just support the cause :)
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On January 30th, 2006 11:59 am (UTC), mappingcaroline commented:
Just commenting to show my support. :)
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